Using SDG 16 as an entry point, the 2030 Youth Force network focuses on peacebuilding along with strengthening youth capacities for participation in decision making.

Our Work


As young people in 2016, we will be leaders and decision makers by 2030, we will be implementers and action makers between now and then. Therefore engaging young people in the SDGs agenda from now on is important. The concept of sustainability should be entrenched in our life.


2030 Youth Force is an inclusive movement. We commit to involve young people who are excluded and marginalized in our youth program to create a massive inclusive movement in Asia-Pacific.


The SDGs Activation has been proposed as an event to reach young people and raise awareness on the SDGs with the concept of popular culture. we will engage local media on youth action and the SDGs.


As part of the engagement phase we have proposed the idea to conduct collaborative programme with local communities in each country.


Initiating a project and building partnerships with young people and other communities leads to to make a greater impact. we collaborate with them on monitoring the progress of achieving the SDGs and coordinate the efforts for effective project implementation.


2030 Youth force will invite governments, development partners and other influencers to enact policies that promote young people’s development during the International Youth Day. The activities will feature discussions on how to boost the level of participation of young people in the SDGs process.


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Adopted in September 2015 by 193 UN Members, the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development is the international community’s ambitious response to today’s most pressing global development challenges and will guide our development priorities for an entire generation. 2030 Youth Force inspires young people to engage in the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals and initiate actions to drive positive change towards an inclusive and peaceful society. Using SDG 16 as an entry point, the network focuses on peacebuilding along with strengthening youth capacities for participation in decision-making.

Youth Voices

“A lot of people don’t know much about the SDGs, but implementation should be evenly distributed across all areas.”

Aghnia Dima

“The local community is seen as a partner that understands the situation and condition of their region, supported by the guidance and monitoring by the government.”

Suci Cisika Putri

“It’s important to synergize national development plans with the needs and potentials of the region.”

Diah Sulung Syafitri



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